One common question I see a lot of discussion around is should an organisation enable third party apps in Microsoft Teams? Third party apps in Teams are a great way for users to enable more functionality directly within Microsoft Teams, organisations can increase adoption of Microsoft Teams by enabling the […]

Most modern websites now include live chat enabling customers to interact with an organisations staff. Enabling live chat with Microsoft Teams allows your staff to interact with customers directly within Microsoft Teams giving them all the features of web based chat and all the collaborative features that are included as […]

QnA Maker supports multiturn question and answer pairs. These are follow-up prompts that the user can click on to find out further information. Within an assistant the user will be provided with an answer and then following on actions. Multiturn question and answer pairs can be created via the QnAMaker […]

I am often asked about storing sensitive, confidential patient information in Microsoft Office365 specifically SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics365. Sensitive and or confidential patient information can come in many forms. It could be paper based forms completed by a participant taking part in a researh project, copies of […]