Using Microsoft Teams in a healthcare environment

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A closer look at how to use Microsoft Teams in the healthcare environemnt.

How it was done

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A look back at how a number of projects that I have been involved in have been successfully delivered.

Protecting your content stored inside Microsoft Office365

A look at how Information Protection within Microsoft Office365 can be used to protect your content inside and outside of the organisation.

Increasing student engagement with Microsoft Teams

A series of articles on how universities can improve the adoption of Microsoft Teams focusing on teaching and learning.

Microsoft Teams in Education

A closer look at how Microsoft Teams can be used in higher education.


A closer look at how to get more from SharePoint and SharePoint Online.

Assistants, AI and bots

A look at how QnA Maker, Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Bots can be used to deliver simple assistants for your users.


Assistants, bots and AI

Having been working with Microsoft Azure Bots, Cognitive Services and QnA Maker for over 12 months now I thought I’d documents some of my initial …
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Research using Microsoft Office365

How to use key elements of Microsoft Office365 to conduct research.