Integrating Live Chat and Microsoft Teams

Most modern websites now include live chat enabling customers to interact with an organisations staff.

Enabling live chat with Microsoft Teams allows your staff to interact with customers directly within Microsoft Teams giving them all the features of web based chat and all the collaborative features that are included as part of Microsoft Teams.

In the following example I look at how Live Chat from Social Intents works with Microsoft Teams.

Once the Live Chat configuration has been completed in Microsoft Teams a widget can be added to your website that allows users to use web chat.

Chats can be directed to one of your Microsoft Teams channels with new posts being added in the general channel. In the example below chats are sent to the Web Teams Microsoft Team site.

From the post in the agent can select Join Chat or Open the Chat Console. When the agent joins the chat the web user is notified.

The agent can respond to the chat directly in Microsoft Teams using the chat console.

Users will see the agents responses directly in the chat window.

Live Chat provides a number of great features including the ability to

  • Customise the chat widget and include your own branding elements
  • Set up multiple widgets for different parts of your website that are routed to different Microsoft Teams
  • Manage all of your web chats from within Microsoft Teams
  • Send a record of a chat to an e-mail address

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