Integrating SharePoint Modern Communications sites, Live Chat and Microsoft Teams.

In an earlier post I looked at how you can integrate your website/intranet with Live Chat and Microsoft Teams. How do you achieve this if your intranet is using Microsoft SharePoint Online and Modern Communications pages?

There are a number of limitations when it comes to using modern pages with Modern Communications sites. These limitations include not being able to embed JavaScript into modern pages and scripting being disabled for modern sites.

Using the SharePoint Framework (SPfx) we can extend modern pages with a script editor web part that allows us to embed the JavaScript for Live Chat directly into our modern pages.

I won’t cover building your development environment in this post however as a starting point for the samples please take a look at the following link.

Having cloned the Client-Side web parts, built and packaged the Script Editor webpart using Node package manager and Yeoman you can deploy the script editor web part to your SharePoint site via the app catalog.

Once the webpart is available in the site it can be added to your modern pages.

With the script editor web part added to the page you can now embed the JavaScript that enables the chat widget.

With the JavaScript embedded into the modern page users can now benefit from chat being available from Modern Communications sites in SharePoint Online.

If you would like more information about extending your modern communications sites in SharePoint Online then please get in touch.

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