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  • SharePoint 2010 workflows are being retired in Microsoft 365
    Microsoft have announced that SharePoint 2010 workflows will be retired in Microsoft 365 (Office365). Based on the feedback I have received and seen today in various blogs there are a large number of organisations that are still using SharePoint 2010 workflows and this change will have a significant impact at […]
  • Integrating SharePoint Modern Communications sites, Live Chat and Microsoft Teams.
    In an earlier post I looked at how you can integrate your website/intranet with Live Chat and Microsoft Teams. How do you achieve this if your intranet is using Microsoft SharePoint Online and Modern Communications pages? There are a number of limitations when it comes to using modern pages with […]
  • 3rd party app privacy in Microsoft Teams
    One common question I see a lot of discussion around is should an organisation enable third party apps in Microsoft Teams? Third party apps in Teams are a great way for users to enable more functionality directly within Microsoft Teams, organisations can increase adoption of Microsoft Teams by enabling the […]
  • Integrating Live Chat and Microsoft Teams
    Most modern websites now include live chat enabling customers to interact with an organisations staff. Enabling live chat with Microsoft Teams allows your staff to interact with customers directly within Microsoft Teams giving them all the features of web based chat and all the collaborative features that are included as […]
  • JSON text for multiturn QnA Pairs in QnA Maker
    QnA Maker supports multiturn question and answer pairs. These are follow-up prompts that the user can click on to find out further information. Within an assistant the user will be provided with an answer and then following on actions. Multiturn question and answer pairs can be created via the QnAMaker […]
  • Assistants, bots and AI
    Having been working with Microsoft Azure Bots, Cognitive Services and QnA Maker for over 12 months now I thought I’d documents some of my initial thoughts and findings. Bad press Virtual assistants seem to come in for quite a lot of bad press, especially for giving the wrong answers. There […]
  • Resume assistant
    I’ve now added an Azure Bot assistant to answer frequently asked questions about my CV, experience, skills and availability. The assistant uses the Microsoft Azure Bot framework and QnA Maker to answer frequently asked questions. Try the virtual assistant now. Currently the assistant only has a few question and answer […]
  • Capturing and recording patient interviews in Office365
    I am often asked about storing sensitive, confidential patient information in Microsoft Office365 specifically SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics365. Sensitive and or confidential patient information can come in many forms. It could be paper based forms completed by a participant taking part in a researh project, copies of […]
  • T142 – HMS Two Step
    HMS Two Step (T142) was a Dance class trawler built by Smith’s Dock Co., Ltd (South Bank-on-Tees) in 1939. Originally commissioned as HMS Tarantella the boat was ordered on 9th September 1939 and laid down on 6th September 1940. HMS Tarantella was launched on 27th January 1941 and commissioned on […]
  • Updated resume page
    I have now added an interactive timeline to my resume page. You can use the timeline to explore some of my experience as an employee and a consultant. For more information about a specific role then click on the headline of the relevant position.