Baby Biome Study, Institute of Child Health, UCL

30 Guilford Street, London
Contract, January 2016 – January 2018

The mission of UCL’s Institute of Child Health is to improve the health and well-being of children and the adults they will become, through world-class research, education and public engagement.

The Baby Biome Study is located within the Life Course and Statistics Section of the Population, Policy and Practice (PPP) Programme and works with a number of hospital trusts.

The study is a birth cohort study which led research the into effects of antibiotics and immunisation on babies from a week prior to labour to 21 days after birth.

The study required a secure, cost effective CRM solution to manage participants, participant engagement via e-mail, SMS and letter and a system capable of handling participants, pregnancy information, delivery information, stool samples for and swab samples from the mother, cord blood samples and stool samples from the baby.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Subject Matter Expert

As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Subject Matter Expert I was responsible for

  • Building a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 online solution to manage participants, samples, communications (e-mail, SMS, mobile) and custom reports including integrating Power BI
  • Building JavaScript libraries, integrating 3rd party solutions, CSS and branding
  • Selecting the correct solution and producing a solution recommendation
  • Procuring the Dynamics Online solution, initial configuration and setup
  • Ensuring the service meets the governance, security and privacy requirements of the study
  • Service transition, ensuring the IT department was capable of supporting the solution and study staff are able to maintain or customise the solution in the future
  • Workshops, requirements gathering and documentation
  • Designing and implementing custom entities, fields, option sets, workflows and business process
  • Developing JavaScript methods and libraries for custom field validation such as Hospital Number and Participants NHS Number
  • Building business processes, dashboards and reports
  • Integrating third party SMS functionality
  • Data analysis, modelling and design
  • Delivering training for all Baby Biome staff in Dynamics CRM
  • Working with NHS trusts to ensure the system is available across multiple trust locations
  • Prince II project management, maintaining risk and issue logs, producing monthly project reports
  • Agile development, sprint planning, scrums and sprint retrospectives
  • Ensuring security meets governance, organisation and trust requirements

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More information
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