Life Study, Institute of Child Health, UCL

30 Guilford Street, London
Contract, June 2015 – January 2016

The mission of UCL’s Institute of Child Health is to improve the health and well-being of children and the adults they will become, through world-class research, education and public engagement.

Life Study is located within the Life Course and Statistics Section of the Population, Policy and Practice (PPP) Programme.

The study is an innovative world leading birth cohort study which will follow the lives of more than 80,000 babies and their families from across the UK. The Life Study was designed to investigate a wide range of influences operating in early life which have implications for children’s health, well-being and development. Up to 63,000 participants will be recruited in pregnancy through selected NHS maternity units.

IT Service Manager and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Subject Matter Expert

As IT Service Manager I am responsible for working with NHS Trusts hosting Life Study centres, contractors procured to delivery online services, fieldwork agencies and the Head of Research Learning and Teaching for UCL.

My main responsibilities were to

  • Provide technical expertise and decision making to guide hardware and software procurement including Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint Online
  • Provide technical expertise to guide the on-going design, development and maintenance of Life Study IT systems and data integration with maternity systems such as E3 and Guardian
  • Engage and get buy in from key stake holders when recommending new technical solutions
  • Monitor the performance and availability of Life Study IT services
  • Manage suppliers and support functions to ensure timely resolution of issues
  • Lead the development of an IT/IS Service Delivery strategy for a BAU environment
  • Assist the project team in defining and accurately documenting technical requirements
  • Developing and maintaining effective processes and procedures that ensure the security, confidentiality and safety of data, communications and IT equipment
  • Coordinate the activities and assess performance of contractors, suppliers and internal staff
  • Be the Life Study team lead for SharePoint, Office365, Dynamics CRM, Key Survey and other tools. Providing technical expertise to staff and partners
  • Liaise with other members of the Life Study team to ensure that solutions meet their requirements
  • Document systems and applications
  • Work closely with the School of Life and Medical Sciences as well as other areas and groups within the Institute of Child Health
  • Create progress reports
  • Act as a centre of technical excellence for Life Study in SharePoint, Office365 and Dynamics CRM
  • In my additional role as Office365, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Subject Matter Expert (SME) I am responsible for
  • Extending the CRM environment to include better participant appointment handling
  • Data analysis, modelling and design
  • Statistical analysis, dashboard building, KPI building and Business Intelligence
  • Extending custom modules for the handling of participant bio-samples
  • Integration of interactive text messaging services for participants
  • Developing a collaborative authoring solution using SharePoint Online to manage risk and issues
  • Developing JavaScript libraries, CSS and HTML
  • Designing and developing an Information Governance training solution using SharePoint Online
  • Implementing security incident tracking and response solution using SharePoint Online
  • Bringing support for the services in-house
  • Integrating Office365 with third party, secure cloud storage (Arkivum)
  • Migrating the secure desktop system to Office365
  • Moving Google Apps e-mail (G-mail to Exchange Online)
  • Integrating medical devices (Toby Eye Tracker, PlusOptix, SECA 515, microphone and video cameras) with the CRM, SharePoint Online and secure cloud storage (Arkivum)
  • Delivering training for all Life Study staff in Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and Office365

Training completed

The following courses have been completed as part of the Health and Social Care Information Governance training

  • Secure Handling of Confidential Information
  • Introduction to Information Governance
  • Information Governance: The Beginners Guide
  • Access to information and information sharing in the NHS
  • NHS Information Risk Management: Introductory
  • NHS Information Risk Management: Foundation
  • Password Management
  • Secure transfer of Personal Data
  • The Importance of Good Clinical Record Keeping
  • Information Governance: The Refresher Module

Other training completed

  • SECA mBCA 515 Installation and Configuration
  • Arkivum – Advanced installation and System Management

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