University of Surrey

Guildford, Surrey
Microsoft Office365 Products Specialist, October 2017 – June 2020

The University of Surrey is a public research university located in Guildford, Surrey. The university specialises in science, engineering, medicine and business.

I was responsible for the implementation and adoption of a number of Microsoft technologies including SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft PowerBI, Cognitive Services as part of a wider adoption of Microsoft cloud technologies to support improved teaching and learning, collaborative services and business processes.

SharePoint Online has provided a replacement for the existing SharePoint 2007 document management service, a replacement for network drive users (except Linux users), 3rd party external file sharing services, improved security and better information governance.

In recent months I have been developing Azure Bot services using the QnA Maker, Azure and Visual Studio to extend an FAQ bot. The current assistant is included in the MySurrey mobile applications and I am currently working on an IT Services assistant.

As part of a wider rollout of SharePoint and Teams I have been responsible for working with faculty staff to Introduce both SharePoint and Teams to highlight how each application can be used. This has included training session, producing adoption guides and communications material.

Microsoft Office365 Products Specialist

As a Microsoft Office365 Product Specialist I am responsible for  

  • Project management for the SharePoint Online implementation project, weekly and monthly project reporting, budget management and project closure
  • Gathering requirements and validating previously defined requirements
  • Discovery phase of existing SharePoint environments, network drives and 3rd party solutions identifying what is currently in place, how it is used and reporting on the findings
  • Defining a new strategy for implementing SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams and aligning with other projects such as the Storage Project and Data Project
  • Working with the Storage Project team to support the delivery of OneDrive for Business and the SharePoint Sync Client
  • Managing services in PRODUCTION, UAT and Development tenancies
  • BAU support for Office365 tenancies
  • Documenting existing SharePoint solutions
  • Defining a usage strategy for SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business
  • Defining the service descriptions for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams
  • Authoring the Solution Design document
  • Creating the Operating Level Agreement
  • Investigating potential of Azure Information Protection
  • Communications, demonstration sites and ongoing discussions with communications teams
  • Building SharePoint Online site templates for Hubs, Collaborative Site, Project Sites and Universal Sharing (DropBox like) sites
  • Planning and implementing EDRMS and Collaboration services to be delivered with SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams
  • Publishing a roadmap for Office365 products currently supported, in service transition and not supported
  • Creating online videos delivered via Microsoft Stream for end-users
  • Creating an adoption guide for Site Managers
  • Ensuring sites meet information security and information compliance policies
  • Configuring SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams tenancy settings
  • Building content types and retention policies
  • Defining and implementing label classification policies, data loss prevention policies
  • Building a provisioning engine to automate SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams using CSOM, PnP and PowerShell
  • Building custom permission sets for site templates
  • User Acceptance Test planning and support
  • Usability testing
  • Service transition for SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Planner, and Power BI
  • Early life support
  • Providing support, advice and training on how to set up the Security and Compliance Centre for the Information Compliance Unit
  • Providing support, advice and guidance regarding Office365 service assurance and contract management
  • Creating and supporting FAQ’s and a product backlog
  • Updating the Service Catalogue
  • Building a migration strategy and plan for SharePoint 2007 users, file share users and DropBox users
  • Training and desk side sessions for the Security and Information Compliance unit
  • Adoption reporting using PowerBI
  • Working with Microsoft
  • BAU support for existing SharePoint environments including virtualisation of SharePoint 2007 WFE and Database servers
  • Demonstrating Office365 products including Bookings, Planner, PowerBI, Dynamics to senior stakeholders within the organisation
  • Defining and communication the strategy for decommissioning of SharePoint 2007

In addition to the SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams implementation projects I have been responsible for defining strategies on how the following technologies can be introduced, service transition and communications plans for each of the products and services in Microsoft365 and cognitive services.