T142 – HMS Two Step

HMS Two Step (T142) was a Dance class trawler built by Smith’s Dock Co., Ltd (South Bank-on-Tees) in 1939.

Originally commissioned as HMS Tarantella the boat was ordered on 9th September 1939 and laid down on 6th September 1940. HMS Tarantella was launched on 27th January 1941 and commissioned on the 9th May 1941.

Following a refit in 1943 HMS Tarantella was renamed HMS Two Step on 8th February 1943.

The following photos were found in the belongings of William Miller who served aboard HMS Two Step in 1944 and 1945.

There are some great articles about the experiences of HMS Tarantella and HMS Two Step including Lieutenant Commander RNVR Berkeley Moir’s accounts that can be found at


There is also Signalman Jim Maddison’s account of HMS Two Step which can be found at


After the war HMS Two Step was sold to the Italian Navy in February 1946.

More information about HMS Tarantella and HMS Two Step can be found on uBoat.net.

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